You won’t believe your eyes after seeing this real IRON MAN!

OK, it is not that real. But at least this man is way closer to the real Iron Man a.k.a Tony Stark from Marvel Comics.

His name is I Wayan Sumardana, Tawan for short, a welder in Bali, aged 31. He doesn’t come from money as Mr. Stark does. But at least, and we hope, his ‘appearance’ as Iron Man will make him quite well-off.

The famous hero, Iron Man played by Robert Downey Jr.

His story of being Iron Man began about 6 months ago. He was stroke diagnosed, which then made his left hand’s unfortunately, paralyzed. Poor for him, he still has to do the job since he is the only one to pay all the bills. His wife is jobless, also they have 3 boys to be fed.

With only one hand, he started to build a device that can replace his left hand. He used stuffs he could find in his welding garage located in Banjar Tauman. Bike, computer, motorcycle, crazy? We knew it!

FYI, he is a machine engineering high school graduate. After 4 times failure, his fifth effort is a smash hit!

Tawan, poor living Iron Man based in Bali/ Kaskus

By focusing very hard, he now can lift a extremely heavy things. His left hand is even stronger than his right’s. For Bali Post, he proof his left hand’s skill by lifting a 10 kg car’s spare part.

No wonder if they called this man as the genius human robot. Or we can just call him Mr. Tawan Stark!


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